With our products, we offer you an environment- and above all climate-friendly alternative to conventional furniture and home accessories. But also beyond that, it is important for us to engage in climate protection and other important projects. 

ROOM IN A BOX - Trinkgeldspende


Since March 2022, you have the opportunity to donate a small amount to a good cause every time you order from us. Of course, we are also involved and double your donation (up to a maximum of 5 €). 

Together we have supported the people in Ukraine during the first 6 months. In total, more than 7.200 € went to the UN Refugee Agency, which has been providing people in the affected areas with food, clean drinking water, medicines and much more since the beginning of the war. 

In August 2022, we changed the organisation in order to be able to dedicate ourselves to other, not less important causes. All donations collected - including our doubling - benefited climate protection until the beginning of February 2023, as together we supported atmosfair in their worldwide climate protection projects.

Since February 2023, the donations have now benefited earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. As a partner organization, we have chosen Aktion Deutschland Hilft - an alliance of various German aid organizations for disaster relief.

ROOM IN A BOX - Baumspende


Trees are not only CO2 absorbers, they also provide habitats for countless species and protect against erosion and flooding. Nevertheless, several million hectares of forest disappear every year due to deforestation alone. Together with you and our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we have been planting one tree for every product sold since January 2020. Over 95,000 trees have been planted and more are being planted every day. 

Want to know more about our tree donation? Here we have compiled the most important information for you. 

ROOM IN A BOX - Thursdays for Future


From January 2020 to December 2021, Thursdays were "THURSDAYS FOR FUTURE! As part of our very own movement for a better future, we donated 100 € each week to a selected non-profit organisation and drew attention to a good 100 small and large associations from the most diverse areas, such as animal and environmental protection, humanitarian disaster relief, education and equality projects, as well as a wide variety of other social causes.